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west bretton
United Kingdom

At Howl Bushcraft we provide an insight into the Natural world, opening up a vast array of natural resources and knowledge. We teach practical skills in a friendly and pragmatic way, skills that actually get used while outdoors. In this way we hope to enable you to act on your interests and take those first steps into the greatest of adventures. The confidence gained from knowing you carry fire in your muscles and mind will change your outlook on the world, suddenly the wilderness will seem full of allies. 

We promote the utmost respect for the environment, the ability to pass unnoticed through the woods brings with it a deeper understanding of the wilderness, and our part in it. It is this philosophy which forms the very core of our work.


Camp Craft

Going out wild camping can be a daunting prospect at first, often people will over compensate by taking every imaginable bit of kit. But we’d like to show you that making yourself at home in the woods can be exciting, creative and ultimately more engaging than simply erecting a tent. In this session we’ll teach you the fundamentals of using a tarp as shelter including the 3 tarp knots, we’ll look at knife & saw skills, and provide a very hands on experience in building with natural materials. We'll look at camp arrangement & simple furniture including chairs, shelves, cooking rigs and more. For anyone spending time in the woods you'll find this day course invaluable in making your base comfortable and practical.

What’s Covered:

  • Location
  • Priorities
    • Including where to site a camp, and how to arrange your facilities
  • ‘Tarpology’
    • How to setup a tarp shelter in three of the most useful ways 
    • Also including tarp peg making & knots
  • A variety of different natural shelters
    • Strong structures to aid creative building
    • See how to construct home-some shelters for one and two people
  • Material selection
    • How we go about locating and acquiring the materials we need for a variety of tasks
  • Extra comforts
    • Once you've established a basecamp you can look into making all manner of creature comforts, here we'll look at a campsite chair using only four sticks
  • Simple Carving Skills
    • Gain an introduction to using a knife and folding saw by making a few different cooking tools
  • Leave no trace


  • Dates: 19th June 2016. 
  • 9.30am-5pm 
  • Under 18’s must be accompanied by a participating adult
  • Pre-booking only
  • £50 per person. Under 18’s £20
  • Run in a beautiful 12 acre  private woodland just outside West Bretton (see the contact page). We'll send you exact directions with the booking pack.

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