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Bushcraft Courses in Yorkshire

At Howl Bushcraft we provide an insight into the Natural world, opening up a vast array of natural resources and knowledge. We teach practical skills in a friendly and pragmatic way, skills that actually get used while outdoors. In this way we hope to enable you to act on your interests and take those first steps into the greatest of adventures. The confidence gained from knowing you carry fire in your muscles and mind will change your outlook on the world, suddenly the wilderness will seem full of allies. 

We promote the utmost respect for the environment, the ability to pass unnoticed through the woods brings with it a deeper understanding of the wilderness, and our part in it. It is this philosophy which forms the very core of our work.

featured course:

bushcraft walks
Woodland Walks - Monthly

A walk in the woods with Howl.

All proceeds will be donated to the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust.

Learn to see the landscape through the eyes of a woodsman during a relaxed 90 minute wander in ancient woodland.



“I founded HowlBushcraft in 2014 as a means to share my insights and passion for the outdoors. Having spent the majority of the last 20 years exploring the woodlands of the UK, I wanted to create a series of courses to allow people to engage with natural world in a very practical way. It has long been my belief that making use of our natural world in a succinct and respectful way can only act to bring us closer to it, and that through thoughtful, concise skills we can disencumber our adventures in the wild."  


Jamie Dakota - Founder & Chief Instructor