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Greno Woods
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At Howl we specialise in journeying skills, the Bushcraft we practice and teach is that of the traveler. There is a wonderful simplicity that comes from taking a trip in the outdoors, a pragmatism gleaned from necessity. We draw from this experience in the field to teach a set of skills and knowledge based in expedience and realism, skills that actually get used while outdoors. We provide an insight into the Natural world, opening up a vast array of natural resources and knowledge to help you travel with less reliance on the contents of your rucksack: it’s what you carry in your mind that matters.


 We teach these practical skills in a friendly and open way, our hope being to enable you to make your adventures into the Great Outdoors memorable and enjoyable. We'll help you cultivate a positive attitude, a confidence in yourself, and a connection with the natural world through which you travel.

We promote the utmost respect for the environment, the ability to pass unnoticed through the woods brings with it a deeper understanding of the wilderness, and our part in it. It is this philosophy which forms the very core of our work.

We promote the utmost respect for the environment, the ability to pass unnoticed through the woods brings with it a deeper understanding of the wilderness, and our part in it. It is this philosophy which forms the very core of our work.


About Howl

The aim of HowlBushcraft is to provide the elementary skills needed to spend time outdoors without the clutter of modern gadgets and gear. We look to nature to provide what we need, and the skill of our hands to craft it. We practice a high level of respect for the natural world, and always instill our sessions with the leave no trace ethos. 

A woodsman since boyhood Jamie's interest in Bushcraft stemmed from desire to experience nature first hand as child. He now shares this passion by introducing people to natures subtleties and depth through craft and adventure.

I grew up around three miles from the nearest woodland. Every chance I got I'd walk the three miles to the wood to explore and camp out; with a typically over-sized rucksack and an excess of kit I quickly found myself looking for ways to lighten the load and improvise what I needed from nature. I read the books, and went cover to cover experimenting to find what worked for me and what didn't. It's that first hand experience I use to teach skills at Howl; I never teach anything I haven't vigorously used for myself. In adult life I worked since 2013 in supporting the YHA in their bushcraft provision, I provided their staff with specialist training to deliver simple but engaging bushcraft sessions for young people. In line with that I myself sought training and learned a great deal from Dave Watson, a Legend in the field, and passed my FBCC with the IOL.

Jamie Dakota

My approach to bushcraft is an honest and simple one, I go out into the Nature to make journeys, and connect with the landscape I find myself in; in this way my bushcraft has been informed by expedience and practicality. In essence I look to knowledge, and then skills, which can be used to augment the connection with Nature and not impeach upon it. True bushcraft should always be subtle, in the background, and supportive. It is the foundation on which great adventure can be built.

Jamie Dakota

Founder and Chief Instructor

Howl Bushcraft


Foundational Bushcraft Competency Certificate - October 2013 Institute of Outdoor Learning

Wilderness First Aid (16 hours) - May 2019 Will4adventure

Emergency First Aid at Work (6 hours) - May 2018 Will4adventure

Level 2 - Food Safety and Hygiene (Catering) - March 2019 City and Guilds Accredited

NNAS Silver Navigator Award - March 2015


Public Liability for an indemnity limit of £5,000,000 - Catlin Underwriting Agencies Limited (Syndicate number 2003)

friends and associates 

Robin Heath

I was thrust into the outdoors at an early age by my mountaineer father. Some of my earliest memories are being dangled off cliffs and being carried up Scottish mountains by my dad. A few decades later and I'm still doing it. Growing up, rock climbing and mountaineering were all I wanted to do and by 18 I already had extensive experience of climbing around the uk and was starting to branch out around the world, travelling around Canada, USA, Europe and New Zealand to pursue mountains and the great outdoors.

After graduating with a Bsc honours degree in Geology from the University of Liverpool I decided I wanted to spend even more time in the outdoors and began to work as a season outdoor activity instructor. In the summers I worked in the Peak District teaching people to canoe, cave, rock climb, kayak etc. while teaching geology in the evening at the University of Sheffield. In the winters I would travel around the world, spending months in places like north, south and Central America, Skiing in Europe, volunteering in Africa. After a few years I realised it wasn't just the outdoors, nature and the world I loved, but mainly the adventures to be had in those places.

I now feel more at home canoeing down a remote, wild, Scottish loch than sat in my own house. I believe most people would love to spend time doing the same and so I decided, with the help of Jamie, to begin Howl Expeditions. - Robin

Bsc (hons) geology,

5* canoe leader, 4* kayak

Level 2 canoe and kayak coach +moderate water endorsement for canoe,

White water safety and rescue,

Summer Mountain leader,

Single pitch award (rock climbing),

Level 2 cave leader,

Wilderness first aid


Andy Waring

I have a real passion for Adventures and have done since a young age, I was Introduced to the outdoors by my parents, in particular my dad who was also an instructor, so you could say it’s in my blood. I have distant fond memories of enjoying an overnight bivvy on the Ardeche including my first solo canoe experience at just 10 years old. I have worked as an outdoor instructor for over 19 years and still love introducing people into the outdoors and giving a positive and memorable experience, no matter what their background is.

I still love adventures no matter how big or small, whether it be exploring a new river or just roaming a new part of the Peak District with my family. I am not only a keen and experienced paddler but partake in a broad range of outdoor activities such as climbing, canoeing, kayaking, mountaineering, skiing, caving, mountain biking, road cycling, surfing, fishing.

I have recently become a dad and I love spending time with my family taking them on adventures. I can’t wait to get Alex in his first buoyancy aid and a paddle in his hand.

I enjoy sharing my experience and taking others on adventures into the wilderness, so see these trips as an exciting new venture and hope you can join us.

Andy Waring

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“I use Lifesaver filters during our trips and to provide drinking water on our courses in the forest. Fundamentally, their products are great. They are simple, and they work. But beyond that I truly believe in Lifesaver’s mission statement, and that innovative practical technology can work with a humanitarian goal to help some of those in most need. It is because of Lifesaver’s mission that I approached them to get involved, and in that way I am delighted to offer my followers and clients a 15% off code to use on their website. Simply type Howls15 at checkout with Lifesaver.

At Green Man Learning we see the natural world as a place of infinite potential; the potential to have adventures, to learn, to have fun, to be inspired, to create and the potential to change lives. Many children, families and adults no longer have the opportunity to spend time in nature and to experience the many benefits it can bring. It is our mission to provide the opportunity and the reason to spend time in the natural world helping everyone to learn to enjoy and respect nature.

Tom Bardon

We are an independent consultancy based in Shropshire specialising in 'making connections between people and nature'.

A range of services are available to our clients and we pride ourselves on a friendly and pragmatic approach.

Andrew Cutts

“Many of the marvellous photographs and videos we use are taken by the brilliant Andrew Cutts. He’s a naturalist of the highest caliber and an adventurer. ” Jamie Dakota

Thirty years ago I decided never to do a days work I did not enjoy, I wanted to use mind, body and soul in my work and be close to nature. Whilst working for the National Trust in conservation forestry I was introduced to various traditional woodland crafts as we used the trees we felled to make styles, fences and bridges. In the evenings I worked with the wood and soon making wooden bowls and spoons became a passion bordering on obsession.

Robin Wood MBE

"I highly recommend Robin's range of wood carving tools. I exclusively use Robin's carving axe on all our craft courses as they are ideal for both beginners and experienced users. Robin is a wealth of knowledge on many areas of woods, crafts and their related history and has been a fantastic source of advice and inspiration." Jamie Dakota


KindleWoods CIC is a woodland social enterprise based in North Yorkshire. We are made up of an extraordinary team of ordinary folk, working together to find creative, practical ways to tackle the root causes of our major social and environmental challenges.

We like to think big and get to the heart of an issue. 

Katie Rees


The Bushcraft Journal is an online magazine working closely with many of the world’s leading outdoor guides and survival experts bringing you avariety of first-hand knowledge based skills, step by step guides, how-to's, hints and tips, and wonderful stories of travel and adventure from many different continents.

Our writers and contributors have spent many years honing these skills to a very high level in the countries they live, but have spent many weeks at a time living, learning and working closely withcultures around the world who still use these ‘Bushcraft’ skills that have been used for thousands of years.

The goal of The Bushcraft Journal is to cover all you need to enhance your journey in the natural world so you will be able to immerse yourself safely and comfortably in it for longer periods of time, regardless of your age or skill level or global location.

With the right skills and a better understanding you need less equipment making being outdoors a far better experience as you won’t be carrying a big heavy bag full of kit you never use, but it enables you to enjoy living and working in harmony will the natural world!


Will4Adventure is a provider of Immediate Temporary Care (ITC) outdoor first aid courses offering a selection of excellent hands-on first aid training that will take you from the office to the wilderness. Our 2 day Outdoor First Aid courses:

  • will revalidate NGB awards (eg MIC, MIA, Mountain Leader, RCI, WGL, BCU, BASI ski instructor, Mountain Bike Leader, Local Cave and Mine Leader etc)

  • are suitable for school teachers/DofE leaders, Forest Schools, HF holidays’ & Ramblers’ leaders

  • are Ofqual / SQA accredited & meet HSE standards for due diligence for first aid providers (see below)

  • have discounts available for early bookings